My work is about production and circulation of social imaginaries, i.e. ways and institutions in which we imagine ourselves and what we do to sustain (or escape) these.

It often involves questioning production of spectatorship: Systems and structures of presentation and circulation of both images as well as the bodies these images address, depict or exclude.

I ask questions of address, desire and language in relation to contexts such as architecture, public space, speech, view, landscape, cinema, abstraction and power.

For more information, see http://archive.katyasander.net/

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Socle Du Monde

Herning Kunstmuseum, 2008

om Katya Sander

Hvem er offentlighed? Spørgsmålet er ikke det mindste forkert stillet. Ikke når man som Katya Sander interesserer sig for, hvordan vi mennesker gennem vore handlinger og sprog skaber et fælles rum eller en fælles politik, magt, kønsstruktur, hierarki – you name it.

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Begivenhed (TIFO) – tre fotografiske lambda prints af Katya Sander

af Rune Gade

Tifo er en betegnelse, som med rødder i det italienske tifosi – der betyder passionerede tilhængere eller fans – bruges om fodboldfankulturens spektakulære og nøje koordinerede iscenesættelser af forskellige gestus af hyldest og støtte til yndlingsholdet. Forudsætningerne for tifoerne kan man allerede spore i den spontane fankultur, som fx når hundredvis af menneskekroppe samstemmes i fælles råb og sang eller skaber ‘bølger’ henover tribunen, for i fællesskab – massen som ornament – at tilkendegive deres begejstring.

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Visible Blindness – Questions and Answers – KATYA SANDER

by Elin Wikström and Kim Einarsson, organisers of Visible Blindness - an artistic research project about artistic research.

1.     How would you describe your relationship with theory?

I would describe it as rather pragmatic. I’m committed to theory, but not to discipline.

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for GENERATOR, Trondheim

by Zachary Formwalt

“A tifo is a way that the fans express themselves to the team.” This is the definition that Katya Sander gave me when she had just begun working on her intervention for GENERATOR in Trondheim. I had expected a more concrete definition: “it’s a big banner,” or “thousands of flags,” something to that effect. Instead I got a mode of self-expression. I found it too abstract and pressed for some examples of this way that fans express themselves to the team. I was given the very ones that I had expected: huge banners, thousands of flags, synchronized confetti cannons and the like. There was something to this more abstract definition though. It emphasized the act of expression, without determining what exactly this expression was of. 

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"¡Mueve te!" Bewegungen im Kunstwerk als Positionierungen im Feld

This is a fragment from a great text by Jens Kastner. Read full text via link. (German only)


Auch der aus Dänemark stammenden Künstlerin Katya Sander geht es um die Konstruktion des Raumes, auch in ihren Filminstallationen tauchen Hinweise auf soziale Bewegungen auf. Eine in der globalisierungskritischen Bewegung der letzten Jahre immer wieder diskutierte und nie erschöpfend zu beantwortende Frage ist titelgebend für eine Videoinstallation Sanders: “What is Capitalism?” (2003). Darin spielt die mit Mikrofon ausgestattete Künstlerin selber die Befragerin in einer Umfrage, checkt Kameraeinstellung und Technik und stellt die Titelfrage an PassantInnen.

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Katya Sander                                       

Born 1970, lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin.            


e-mail: e@katyasander.net


SOLOEXHIBITIONS (in selection)

 2013       Odense Fotographic Museum, Odense, Denmark. Curated by Ingrid Fischer-Jonge



2012         "9 Scripts from a Nation at War", MoMa, New York City, NY.

2010          “A Landscape of Known Facts”, Project Art Centre, curated by Tessa Giblin, Dublin.     

2008-2009     “9 Scripts From a Nation at War”, RedCat / Calarts Downtown Center for Innovative Visual, Performing and Media Arts, Los Angeles.

2008          “9 Scripts From a Nation at War”, Level2 Gallery, Tate Modern, London.

2008         “Darstellungen der Zukunft – Ein Science-Fiction” (“Production of Futures – A Science Fiction about Counting”, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart.

2007          TIFO”, Generator, Trondheim, Norway. (cat.)

2007         Politics of Research II / “What is Capitalism?”, Tempelhof Airport / Zeppelin University, Berlin.

2005          “The Most Complicated Machines Are Made of Words”, MuMoK – Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna, AU.


2004          “Was ist Öffentlichkeit?”, München Kunstverein, München, D.

2004          “In 2053 Malmö will no longer be Swedish”, Rooseum, Malmö, Sweden

2004          “Meaning is What Hides the Instability of ones Position” with Andrea Geyer, Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Denmark


2002           “Double Cinema” (Open studio) ISCP, New York


2001           Studio & research recidency, Rooseum, Malmö, Sweden.

2001           “Safety Graffitti” for 9 1/5 Castles, in Eslöv, Sweden.

2001           “Recorders”, (with Francois Bucher) Location One, New York

2001           “Temporary Occupations and Other Double Binds” (with Alex Villar), Halle_für_Kunst, Lüneburg, Germany (Cat.)

2001           ”Vollsmose and the painting of balconies” for CUDI - Centre for Urban Dialogue and Information, Odense, Denmark.

2001           “Outerplace/Who is the Austronaut?”Lichthaus Bremen (with Alex Villar),Bremen, Germany (Cat.)

2001            Leipzig Kunsthalle (grant, residency & show), Germany.

2001            “Languages of 82%”, Galleri Tommy Lund, Cph., Denmark.


2000            “All of the Houses in the Area…”, Whitney ISP, Open Studios.

                          New York, USA.


1999             “Safety Guarantee”, Akershus Kunstnersenter, Oslo, Norway.


1998             “Fredstidsbenyttelse” (Safetyguarantee), at MFKOKM, Cph., Denmark.

1998             “Withinwithout” (with Karin Lind) at Galleri Tommy Lund, Odense,Denmark.


1996              “Evening Piece”, Galleri Campbells Occasionally, Cph., Denmark.


1995               “Double Feature” (with Andrea Creutz and Gunvor Vibe Pedersen)at Globe’s, Cph. (Denmark)



GROUP EXHIBITIONS (in selection)


2013          in “Without Reality there is no Utopia” to the American Museum Yerbabuena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, USA.


2012           in One Day Everything Will Be Free, SALT, Istanbul, Turkey. Curated by Joseph Redwood-Martinez.

2012           in The National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark.




2012           "Video of the Month" @ NBK - Neue Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin. Curated by Katrin Becker.

2012           in “Press Play”, Fondazione Sandretto Rebaudengo, Turin, Itali. Curated by Irene Calderoni.


2011           in Red Hood / CSS Bard with intervention & essay “Hard Drive”. New York, USA. Edited by Tirdad Zolgadr.

2011           in PERFORMA 11, Performa, MoMa, New York City, NY. Curated by Sabine Breitweiser.

2011            in DOLLSHOUSE, Galleri Christoffer Egelund, organized by Dorte Jelstrup, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2011                          in All That Fits: The Aesthetics of JournalismQUAD, Derby.

2011                          in WITHOUT REALITY THERE IS NO UTOPIACentro Andaluz de Arte

Contemporaneo – CAAC, Sevilla, Spain. Curated by Juan Antonio Álvarez


2011                          in GELD, Gallerie RECEPTION, Christine Heidemann, Berlin.



2010                          Hem Ljuva Hem/Home Sweet home, Konsthal C, curated by Kim Einarsson,

                           Stockholm, Sweden.

2010                          Best Laid Plans, The Drawing Room, curated by Cylena Simonds et al,


2010                          Publics and Counterpublics, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo –

CAAC, Sevilla, curated by Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes.

2010                          TUMULT, festival for contemporary art on Lolland, Falster and Møn,

curated by Christian Skovbjerg Jensen.

2010                          Power Games - Ludwig Museum, Budapest

2010                          "… in a most dangerous manner" , SPACES, curated by Steven Lam,



2009-2010             Avant-Guide New York, Apex Art, curated by Sandra Scurvida, New York.

2009                          Fri Porto, Den Fri Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen.

2009                          “If You read This I’ll Give it to You”, project in public space hosted 

by Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures, University of

Manchester, and The Salford Restoration Office.

2008/2010             in The Greenroom, CCS Bard, Hessel Museum, Annandale-on-Hudson (Cat.)

2008-2009             in Coming to You LIVE, Art in General (Bloomberg Building), New York.


2008                          in The 6th Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan. (Cat.)

2008                          in October Salon49th edition, Belgrade Cultural Centre, Belgrade.

2008                          in REALITY EFFECTS, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Hovikodden, Oslo.

2008                          in City as Screen, Roskilde Kunstmuseum.

2008                          in Socle Du Monde, Herning Kunstmuseum, Denmark.

2008                          in Moirés, Kunstraum Leuphania Universitet Lüneburg.

2008                          in War Stories, MassArt, Massachusetts, USA

2008                          in Danskjävlar, a Swedish Love Story, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.


2007                          in DOCUMENTA12 (with David Thorne, Ashley Hunt, Sharon Hayes and Andrea

Geyer), Kassel, Germany.

2007                          in City of Ideas, Gallway, Ireland.

2007                          in This Way, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense.

2007                          in Äkta Vara, Röda Sten, Gothernburg, Sweden.

2007                          in Paradox and Praxis, University Art Gallery, UC Irvine, L.A., USA.


2006                          in How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later,

                          CCA Watts Institute,

2006                          in Last Lives of The UniverseSMART Project Space Oct 21st–Nov 18th

2006                          in Vissible Blindness, SVT, Stockholm, Sweden.

2006                          in Eine Frage [Nach]Der Geste / A Question[ing] Of The Gesture,

                          Leipzig Oper, Leipzig.

2006                          in Fantom, Charlottenborgs Udstillingsbygning, København.

2006                          in Periferic 7 Biennial for Contemporary Art, Iasi, Rumenia.

2006                          in How to do Things…, Bucharest, Rumenia / Bethanien,

Berlin. (Cat.)

2006                          in You tell me – or: What happens when the artist says “we”?, Artist

                          Space, NY.

2006                          in Capital (it fails us now), Kunstihoone, Tallinn, Estonia (Cat.)


2005                          in Capital (it fails us now), UKS, Oslo, NO. (Cat.)

2005                          in Handlungsformaten / Formats for Action, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein &

                          Göttingen Kunstverein (Cat.)

2005                          in Whatever Happened to Social Democracy?, Roooseum, Malmö, Sweden.


2004                           in CYCLE TRACKS WILL ABOUND IN UTOPIA, Australian Centre for 

                          Contemporary Art, Australia (Cat.)
, curated by Juliana Engberg.

2004                           in New City, INK / Institute for Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark

2004                          in Svenska Hjärtan (Swedish Heart), Moderna Museet, Stockholm, SE.

2004                          in MONUMENT, Cph. DK.

2004                          in Password, CCGA, Tokyo, Japan (Cat.)

2004                          in Writers and Painters Denmark, Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense.


2003                           in Western: Terms of Use (part of Efterårsudstillingen),

                          Charlottenborg, Cph. Denmark (Cat.)

2003                          in Appropriated Spaces, Wolfsburg Kunstverein, Wolfsburg,

                          Germany (Cat.)

2003                          in Breaking the Law, Sparwasser, Berlin.

2003                          in Spaces of Valencies, Bratislava, Slovakia.

2003                          in www.WOMEN2003.org, billboardproject in Copenhagen / Malmö.

2003                          in Feast/Hospitality, Rum46, Aarhus, Denmark.


2002                          in Rent-a-bench, Los Angeles (Cat.)

2002                           in Esplanaden II, Charlottenborg, Denmark (Cat.)

2002                          in Social Sectors, Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria (Cat.)

2002                          in The Collective Unconscious, MIGROS Museum, Zürich, Switzerland

2002                           in Blind Date I, dialogue exhibition-project. Brandts Klædefabrik, 

¨                          DK (Cat.)

2001                          in Young Nordic Art Biennial, Göteborg, Sweden (Cat.)

2001                          in 3rd Sector (with Women down the Pub), Wolfsburg Kunsthalle and

                          Leipzig Kunsthalle, G. (Cat.)

2001                          in Husrum, Madsnedø Fortet (an old military defence building), Denmark

2001                          in Get That Balance, (with LAB), Hamburg, Germany

2001                          in Quality Street, Galleri Tommy Lund, Cph. Denmark

2001                          in Take Off, Generational exhibition at Aarhus Art Museum. Århus,

                          Denmark (Cat.)

2001                          in Esplanaden I, Kunsthallen, Copenhagen, Denmark


2000                          in alt. exhibition to The Havana Bienial 2000, Havana, Cuba

2000                          in Efterårsudstillingen with the group “Women Down the Pub”, DK (Cat.)

2000                          in AUSSENDIENST, at Hamburg Kunsthalle, a (city)site-specifik show in 

                          Hamburg,Germany (Cat.)

2000                          in Century of Innocence - The History of the White Monocrome, at                                        Rooseum, Malmö, Sweden (Cat.)

2000                          in The North, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria (Cat.)

2000                          in Momentum - Biennale for recent Nordic Art (with Francois Bucher),

                          Moss, N.

2000                          in Models of Resistance, Overgaden, organized by GLOBE. Copenhagen DK

2000                          in ArtGenda (with Christina Prip), Helsinki, Finland (Cat.)

2000                            in Art Primeur, Dordrecht, The Netherlands (Cat.)

2000                             in LAB - because you deserve it with the group LAB at Overgaden, Cph.


1999                          “Someone to watch…” in videoprogram at the National Gallery for

                          Fine Art Cph. Denmark (Cat.)

1999                          “Kahve & Kulüp”, in StreetSharks Biennalen, Körners Kontor. Cph.

                          Denmark (Cat.)

1999                           in 24 Heures De Luxe , B&B Unlimited, at Hotel Scribe, Paris.

1998                          Who’s the Doctor?, (with the group “Women Down the Pub”: Andrea Creutz,

                          Kirstine Roepsdorff, Åsa Sonjasdotter), at Kvinfo, Forum, Cph. Denmark

1998                             in Boomerang, Nikolaj - Copenhagen Exhibition Space for Contemporary

                          Art, Denmark (Cat.)

1998                           in Nuit Blanche (in video program, with LAB) Musée de L’Art Moderne de

                          la Ville de Paris, F. (Cat.)            

1996                          in D.I.Y. – Mapping & Instructions, Bricks and Kicks, Vienna, (Cat.)

1996                          in Abstract 96, by Saga Basement, Forum, Malmö. Sweden.             




1999-2000             The Whitney Independent Study Program, New York.

1994-1999             The Royal Academy for Fine Arts, Copenhagen: Department for Media Art.

1992-94                          The Royal Academy for Fine Arts: School of Architecture.

1990-97                          University of Cph.: Literature & Cultural Studies / Roskilde University

                          / ParisVIII



2008-            Professor for Conceptual and Mixed-media Based Practices at Sculpture Dpt., The Royal Danish Art Academy, Copenhagen.

2006–2007             Research Fellow at The New School University, Vera List Centre, New

                          York, USA.

2006                           Research professor, Aarhus University, Dpt. for Art History and


2004-2006             Part-time Professor at Jutland Art Academy, Aarhus, Denmark.

2003-2006              Visiting Professor at Dept. for Conceptual Art and Media, Umeå

                          University, Umeå, Sweden.





2009: Guest-curator / editor of Printed Project #12, Visual Artists Ireland

2002: with Simon Sheikh: We are all normal (and we want our freedom), a collection of 58 artists texts from the Nordic countries (in English). 411 pages, published by Black Dog Publishing, London.


1996-2003: editor of “Øjeblikket” — a (Danish) magazine for art and visual cultures.

Have written articles for Øjeblikket about architectural relations, spatial constructions and narratives, especially in relation to gender; urban planning and mythology, ideas and articulations of space, site and non-site, mapping, tourism, suburbia, commodity, language, desire and image in late-capitalism, a well as constructions of identity in relation to consumer culture.


Since 1998: Editor and/or publisher of the OE Critical Reader-series (in English) in collaboration with b_books, Berlin: The Meaning of Site, RENT, Deathdrive, The TVideo-politics of JL Godard, In the Place of the Public Sphere, Capital (It Fails Us Now), and Here&Elsewhere (under production)





Western – Terms of Use

Women Down the Pub

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