My work is about production and circulation of social imaginaries, i.e. ways and institutions in which we imagine ourselves and what we do to sustain (or escape) these.

It often involves questioning production of spectatorship: Systems and structures of presentation and circulation of both images as well as the bodies these images address, depict or exclude.

I ask questions of address, desire and language in relation to contexts such as architecture, public space, speech, view, landscape, cinema, abstraction and power.

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Printed Project 12

On Circulation

Contributers: Zach Formwalt, Elin Wikström, Neil Cummings, Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Alex Villar, Katja Eydel, Brian Holmes, Andrea Creutz & Thomas Boren, Ashley Hunt, Jason Simon, Simon Sheikh, John Strauss, Sandra Schäfer, Ralph and Stefan Heidenreich.

Edited/curated by Katya Sander

On Circulation

Introduction for Printed Project #12 


In the light of the recent crash in the global financial system, this issue of Printed Project is framed by the notion of ‘circulation’ – but not only in the sense of the circulation of goods, bodies, knowledge, ideas, images and money, i.e. the movement of certain forms; but also and maybe more so, the idea of circulation as form in itself.

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