My work is about production and circulation of social imaginaries, i.e. ways and institutions in which we imagine ourselves and what we do to sustain (or escape) these.

It often involves questioning production of spectatorship: Systems and structures of presentation and circulation of both images as well as the bodies these images address, depict or exclude.

I ask questions of address, desire and language in relation to contexts such as architecture, public space, speech, view, landscape, cinema, abstraction and power.

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Darkness & Light - Contemporary Nordic Photography

@ American-Scandinavian Foundation, New York. 

Feb. 22nd - April 26th, 2014

I’m showing TIFO - a photo-essay on fanism, mass-media and collective imaginings. Here some samples from the 56 images.

9 Scripts from a nation at war - exhibition up at MoMa NY until August 6th 2012. Remember to se it if you’re in New York!

Arika12: Copying without Copying

A Tramway co-production

24th of March 2012 7PM-9PM

Combatant Status Review Tribunal pp. 002954–003064: A Public Reading

How do we understand a situation: read about it, watch something? What if we just repeat it / ourselves verbatim: embody it? Or: 3 days of copying and simulacra, replication, repetition, re-inscription and re-animation…in performed installations or film-lectures, learning plays or readings.

Featuring Andrea Geyer, Ashley Hunt, a new learning play by Chto Delat? and Combatant Status Review Tribunal pp. 002954–003064: A Public Reading.

Press Play. L’arte e i mezzi d’informazione 

Curated by Irene Calderoni
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin (Italy)

2 February - 6 May 2012

Bani Abidi, Black Audio Film Collective, Thomas Demand, Hans-PeterFeldmann, Alessandro Gagliardo, Thomas Hirschhorn, Pierre Huyghe,Jon Kessler, Steve McQueen, Alessandro Quaranta, Katya Sander, DoronSolomons, Thomas Struth, Fiona Tan, Artur Zmjiewski.

Read more about televised.

Performa 11, MoMa

"Combatant Status Review Tribunals pp.002954–003064: A Public Reading".

November 12–13, 2011

Performa Festival

MoMa, New York

Read more about the CSRT-Readings and 9 Scripts from a Nation at War.

All that Fits – The Aestetics of Journalism

installation shot

QUAD Gallery 28th May - 31st July 2011
Curated by Alfredo Cramerotti & Simon Sheikh. 

Read more

Without Reality there is no Utopia

Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Spain

14 April - 12 June 2011

Showing “What is Capitalism?”

Read more about "What is Capitalism?".

The Usefulness of Inadequate Models

performance-lecture in Hem Ljuva Hem/Home Sweet Home, Konsthal C, Stockholm.

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