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If you read this, I'll give it to you / Wenn du dies liest, gebe ich es dir
badges with print, distributed in public

Thousands of badges are distributed throughout the city. Each badge reads, “If you read this, I’ll give it to you (but then you must wear it too).”
(In German: "Wenn du dies liest, gebe ich es dir (um auch zum tragen)")

Wearing the badge is like bearing a contract that is entirely transparent: “I’ll give you this badge if you ask for it.” This exchange never ends though because as soon as someone receives the badge, they then bear the contract. That is, they have the responsibility to pass it on to whoever asks for it. Free exchange, from which value has been entirely removed, as the badge passes from person to person, all that changes are the positions (‘I’ and ‘you’) of those who come into contact with it: from the one who asks, and thus receives, to the one who gives, to the one who remembers (and perhaps tells someone about it).
As long as the badges remain worn in public, that is, in view of others, they are free to circulate. This circulation immanently constitutes a public through discourse.

Shown in:
Ortsbegehung 11, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, 2005 (catalogue). Curated by Marius Babias.
Ortsbegehung 11, Göttingen Kunstverein, Göttingen, 2005.
City of Ideas, Gallway, Ireland, 2007.
RICC - Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures, Manchester, 2009. Curated by The Salford Restoration Office.